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Infomation and Guidelines

There are two types of sites you may get from me. Subdomain: ie; or Domain: ie; Subdomain hosting is free, where domain hosting, will have a monthly fee. If you already have purchased your domain name the fee will be cheaper. I do pay extra for security of your private information. This will be the main fee.


Subdomain Free
Domain $15.00 plus $4.00/month.

The purchase total is due at the time of creation for domains and on the 1st of each month after. Or you may purchase a full year of hosting at once for $35.00.


    You must keep your site updated every three weeks.
    You must keep the content of your site PG13 and lower.
    No nudity, racism, sexism, homophobic ect. content.
    If you are found to be stealing graphics/layouts/ect. from anyone and claiming it as your own you will have your site deleted with no warning.
    You must be over 14 years old to be hosted by me.
    You must have knowledge of FTP and Filezilla as this is how you will keep your site updated.
    You must type properly and keep swearing to a minimum.
    My site must be linked and visible of every page of yours labeled as host.

    If you can comply to these rules then there should be no issue in hosting you.

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